how to make forge blade rouguelands

Introduction to making knives by stock removal. This one day workshop will help you get started into knifemaking. Knife design, grinding, heat treating, blade finishes, scale making … ... More

how to make a video on your phone

2. Frame your interviews to tell the story. Interviews can help you create a narrative for your story. If you have a well-framed interview shot, you won’t have to cover the interviewer’s words with B-roll in the video. ... More

how to make mirror portals

19/08/2016 · Dimensional Portal There is a whole community out there seriously discussing the possibility of an invasion by the Mirror People. It’s like Alice Through the Looking Glass on a … ... More

how to make a good checklist

The best trainers have several qualities that make them good at what they do. Check the list below to see which qualities you already possessand to determine which areas you could improve. Check the list below to see which qualities you already possessand to determine which areas you could improve. ... More

how to convince your teacher to let you play minecraft

20/01/2013 · Id be happy to send you a word version so you could group mail it to the teachers in your school like i did. I certainly know what it feels like to be a voice in the wind, Dont underestimate Pupil power it might be worth emailing the pupils via a questionnaire your councils communications dept might have an inhouse system to help with this, or you could use Survey Monkey. Once you have ... More

how to open legacy launcher in league

During the open beta, we'll hang onto the legacy client's files for you so you can launch it directly from the updated client. You will see a link on the bottom right of the login page (Launch legacy client). After open beta ends, however, we'll officially remove the legacy client's files from your computer (saving disk space) and stop supporting the legacy client. ... More

how to move pdf to word

Move to your Word document (or open a new one) Paste (or CTRL+V ) Note that this method give you a really high resolution and is going to slow down your system a lot. ... More

how to make guava paste spreadable

Spread the guava paste on one side of your pastry sheet and cream cheese to the other. Fold the sides over each other. Brush an egg wash over the tops of your pastries and if you would like you can sprinkle large sugar crystals over the tops. From there just follow the baking directions as listed on the puff pastry box. Just keep an eye in the pastries for a nice golden color. [] ... More

how to put downloaded subtitles into a movie

There are many reasons why you want to add subtitles to your videos and movies, for example, you have downloaded a video from YouTube that is in German and want to add English subtitles to it so that your friends can understand it. Or you have made a home movie and want to add subtitles in iMovie to add some special feeling and illustration to your movies. Or just want to add some closing ... More

how to make youtube full screen

16/05/2017 · Hey just wondering if anyone who has an LG G6 knows how to make youtube videos fill the screen. I was testing in store models of G6 and S8 and the videos on the S8 filled the entire screen. ... More

how to make a skype video call

9/01/2019 Video calls are only available on Skype to Skype calls. Make sure Skype has permission to use both your microphone and camera. If you denied it access during install/run, you will ... More

how to make a battery powered lantern

If the lantern does not light, turn the lantern off, remove the battery and reinsert after checking to make certain the battery terminals and lantern wires are correctly matched or that the wires are firmly connected to the battery caps. ... More

how to make uncle buck pancakes

With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Uncle Buck Pancakes animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> ... More

how to create a nursing care plan

Examples of Cancer Care Plans Cancer care plans should have three parts. Treatment Care Plan – This plan should be discussed before you begin treatment and can help guide you as you talk with your doctor about what is important to you and any concerns you may have. ... More

how to make straight hair curly black hair

The issue becomes even more complex for black women, for whom straight hair can often only be achieved through great expense, the application of dangerous chemicals and the … ... More

how to put priny statements after a clon in python

In Python, break and continue statements can alter the flow of a normal loop. Loops iterate over a block of code until test expression is false, but sometimes we wish to terminate the current iteration or even the whole loop without checking test expression. ... More

how to make carne asada on skillet

Carne asada means grilled meat. Since the meat is cut in strips, a grill pan or skillet works well instead of a barbecue. The meat is seasoned before it goes in the pan, and then served on tortillas with a choice of condiments like guacamole, red onion, cilantro and lime. ... More

how to make a mouse mask for kids

How to Make Cute Mouse Mask and Costume for Kids - Your little one will scurry to wear this cute mouse costume around the block! How to make a Mickey Mouse Costume? - Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular animated characters in history. ... More

how to play piano without knowing how to read music

He learned how to play the piano along with his brother. Eddie could never read music, and he learned by watching and listening, as told in an interview. After hearing his brother play the drums at a performance, he changed from playing a drum-kit to a guitar. Listening to recitals of Bach and Mozart, he tried to reproduce them without any practice. Tommy Emmanuel (born 1955): Known as a ... More

how to make an interesting resume

About Victoria Greene . Victoria Greene is a freelance writer with a long history of covering social media topics. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she covers updates in the social media world, along with ecommerce and digital marketing. ... More

how to make spaghetti bolognese sauce jamie oliver

In addition to spaghetti Bolognese, spaghetti with carbonara sauce became a favorite. This is due to the taste of carbonara sauce is creamy and savory. The main ingredient of this sauce is fresh cows milk propelled with cheese and other spices. Heres how to make spaghetti with carbonara sauce. ... More

how to move scoreboard future pinball

if you ask me, the 'pace' is very fast, but stil, you can in real pinball get to very fast pace of the ball, so, maybe, for little is to fast, i agree, but, still, i think to that physics 2.6 is very good way to go. ... More

how to prepare san pedro powder

The San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi) is a wonderful magic cactus from the Andes mountains. We sell different sizes of potted San Pedro that are great for decorating and easy to grow much larger. ... More

how to make jamaican ginger beer drink

A ginger beer is supposed to add a spicy ginger element whether you are drinking it straight or using it in a cocktail; however, the Royal Jamaican ginger beer tastes almost purely like a ginger extract has been dumped in at an overly aggressive rate. It took me two hours to finish this beer (only finished it because I hate wasting beer), and the whole time I felt like the experience must have ... More

how to make your cum taste different

Different foods do change the taste of both men and women. Meat makes things taste more bitter, as does asparagus and some other foods. Pineapple and mango make things down there taste sweeter. Meat makes things taste more bitter, as does asparagus and some other foods. ... More

how to read harp music notes

Music written for the harp is written on the grand staff, which encompasses both treble and bass clefs, and uses a numbering system to indicate which fingers are to be used to play specific notes. ... More

how to make a wooden pepper grinder

Wooden Pepper Mill Planswift Reviews On Garcinia. The Best Wooden Pepper Mill Planswift Reviews On Garcinia Free Download PDF And Video. Get Wooden Pepper Mill Planswift Reviews On Garcinia: Learn The Art Of Woodworking Using These Step-by-Step Woodworking Plans. ... More

how to play highlander priest hearthstone

1/09/2014 · I began build Priest Highlander by including 1 copy of every Priest card. I ended up with a 23 card starting point which was worse than i began with. The whole idea was to free up more slots for other cards and i ended with less slots. Apparently, i had to trim the Priest cards, excluding cards that i don’t like at all to begin with. ... More

how to play halo reach multiplayer campaign

First play through the campaign on Normal difficulty to understand how the game is and to get a feel for it. This will get you a minimum of 125 by just completing the campaign on Normal. ... More

how to make tacos stand up

Use taco holders to line up hard or soft shell tacos, hot dogs, or desserts to create a memorable and tidy presentation. Plates Taco holder plates feature slots and a compartment to provide an elegant presentation for tacos and sauce or fajitas and filling. ... More

how to raise ducks for egg production in the philippines

Maximizing Duck Egg Production. The egg production of ducks varies tremendously due to genetics and management. The genetics depends on the breed chosen and the hatchery. We recommend our Golden 300 Hybrid and White Layer for egg production. We have bred them exclusively for maximum egg production. If you are not sure if you want ducks or chickens, read Raising Ducks, an … ... More

how to play backup games on wii u

Notes: In order to back up save data, you must have at least one USB storage device that has been formatted to work with the Wii U. Your system also needs to have the latest system update applied. ... More

how to make distilled water for car battery

Car Battery Distilled Water Caps Dewalt 12v Nicd Battery Car Battery Distilled Water Caps Battery Charger For Dead Car Battery Auto Insurance Tips And Tricks Auto Battery Jumper Jumping A Dead Car Battery Sequence Suppose purchased a monocrystalline solar panel manufacturer along with a maximum output voltage and intensity of some. ... More

how to make money selling cakes

Whether you just need fast cash, or love baking, selling homemade cookies is the way to go! Bake the cookies, tasting one from each batch to make sure they taste like they are supposed to. Be careful not to eat all your merchandise, too. ... More

how to make a good standard operating procedure

Writing Effective Policies, Procedures, Instructions, and Methods Components of Standard Operating Procedures, instructions, and methods Controlling sequence of actions ... More

how to make tunisian crochet blanket

I have written over a dozen books on Tunisian crochet and have had more Tunisian crochet projects published than anyone. If you don’t know how to Tunisian crochet, let me teach you with my over four hours of free online videos. Right- and left-handed versions available. ... More

how to fake a six pack community channel

Golf Channel live stream: 6 ways to watch online All of the major live TV streaming services—with the notable exception of YouTube TV —offer the Golf Channel. Here’s everything you need to ... More

how to open casino way fo the samurai 4

Way of the Samurai 4 game requires that your graphics hardware be compatible with DirectX 11 Also for best gaming experience, you must play this game on : Windows 7 64 bits, Windows 8 64 bits, Windows 8.1 64 bits, Windows 10 64 bits ... More

how to make changes in jpeg image

27/10/2010 · Turn your images and other documents into JPEG files by opting for one of these alternatives. Step 1: Search the web Search for a website that offers free web-based file conversion services that ... More

how to make a basic water e-liquid for vape

In this article, we’re giving you a basic guide easy to follow guide to making safe, clean e-cig oil, but we ask you to watch all the videos in this article before you start making e-cig oil and loading it into your e-cig or vape … ... More

how to make homemade poi

Other Fermented Foods The recipe for poi I am sharing is a great one to get started making ferments in your kitchen. However, if you want to keep exploring, try making sauerkraut, raw yogurt, milk kefir, water kefir, and kombucha. I have included video tutorials for most of these ferments and they are all relatively easy to make ... More

how to make the best pizza ever

selenagomez What else would I do in Atlanta but learn how to make the best pizza, ever. ... More

how to reverse order of list python

I find (contrary to some other suggestions) that l.reverse() is by far the fastest way to reverse a long list in Python 3 and 2. I'd be interested to know if others can replicate these timings. I'd be interested to know if others can replicate these timings. ... More

how to make stress free

The 10 commandments of enjoying a stress-free Christmas Tired of arguing with your family about the refugee crises as you feast on pea foam? You might like to try ... More

how to put up a business in the philippines

How to put up a training center. Eight things to remember if you want to start your own training center. By Reeza Singson Dec 4, 2012 Shares. Share Tweet Share In contrast to a school, a training center may be open only whenever there is a scheduled course to be taught, which can last anywhere from one week to a few months. Training centers can teach a whole gamut of specific skills such as ... More

how to make shapes go behind shapes in word

You will find that the shapes available to you are limited. From the ‘Insert’ tab add the shapes and images you want to use. To add document fields like title, author name, etc, go to the Insert tab and in the Text toolbox, select Quick Parts to add a field. You can insert a … ... More

how to make snow foam for car wash

So pass on the detailing service, skip the line at the drive through and find one of those pay-to-spray slots. After years of experimenting, I think I’ve got a solid strategy to get the most out ... More

how to say from today to tomorrow in japanese

26/08/2008 · what is the sentance structure for "today i went to.." in japanese please if possible give an example xD ... More

how to make a metal slide

Install counter hooks on the metal or plastic handles of the normal slide. Now insert the tunnel into the normal slide (bottom up). Secure the hooks and their counter parts together. Now you have a tunnel slide. Make sure that the hooks are installed in a high enough position for a child to slide under it. ... More

how to make a pop song on garageband

A pop song does, however, follow certain rules. It is generally around three to four minutes, has a verse and a chorus, and uses a bed of chords to support a melody, with words that convey some ... More

how to make rainbow cupcakes without cake mix

Electric mixers make whipping up cupcake batter a synch, but you may have to mix up a batch of cupcakes when your mixer breaks down. When you find yourself without a mixer, hand mixing can get the job done just as well. ... More

how to make a travel trailer

We searched far and wide, and created a list of 27 of the most amazing travel trailer remodels we have ever seen. My two favorite are #8 and #20. ... More

s4 how to move aps to sd

Method #2: From App drawer. Go to Apps through Home screen. Tap the Menu key then select Downloaded apps. Tap and hold the desired app you wish to move to SD card and then drag it to the App … ... More

how to make a tissue paper hot air balloon project

Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Template. Home ?Paper? Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Template. Recent Update Blank Pumpkin Coloring Sheet Bus Outline Template Baby Blue Chevron Background Brain Graphic Organizer Printable Scary Halloween Eyes Cubeecraft Blank Template Printable Fish Outline Clip Art Blank Dice Template Printable Printable Dotted Lined Paper ... More

how to raise a boring girlfriend porn

From the male perspective While the most common story is a girlfriend or wife who feels betrayed by her male partner’s porn habit, the struggle goes both ways. Not long ago, we received a powerful personal account from one of our followers that illustrates how men can feel betrayed by their partner’s porn habit as well. ... More

how to make a daisy chain fishing

A daisy chain is a teaser consisting of a "chain" of plastic lures run without hooks. The daisy chain mimics a possible school of baitfish, food for a larger predator. The purpose of a daisy chain is to attract pelagic fish to the stern of a boat into the lure "spread", which ... More

how to make dichroic glass earrings

Details. The Dunn Silver Drop Earrings in Amethyst Dichroic Glass shine with their bold geometric stones. All about shape and detail, these drop earrings know how to make an unexpected statement. ... More

how to pass low priority queue

A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste. Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! ... More

how to make dimeritium plates

30/05/2015 · Anybody know a set location where I can buy Dimeritium ingots or plates? I wanted to craft some stuff but have only found small amounts that I … ... More

how to say spirit in different languages

Rosary Prayers in Different Languages Choose from the many languages listed below to see prayers in that language. To jump to languages that begin with a … ... More

how to make sesame powder

Of course, sesame seeds and tahini last for a shorter period of time if they are not stored properly. But remember that sesame seeds, like a lot of other seeds, usually have a ... More

how to make cute bookmarks

Step 2. Cut a strip of cardboard for the bookmark, around 4 centimetres wide. Step 3. Round one end of the bookmark to form Foo's head. Step 4. Glue the wiggly eyes onto the bookmark. ... More

how to run a single script in liquibase

One note upfront: There are different possibilities to define Changesets. In this blog post we are using Liquibase Formatted SQL (we will see this later) and thus we are just including those SQL-files in ... More

how to open lock without key with pin

Key in the PIN and you will have successfully disabled the Lock screen PIN. When you power off and the power on your android device, you will easily access your phone without any need for security PIN. Similarly, anyone can use your phone if they can gain access to it as it doesn't have any screen lock. ... More

how to make working drawings on pc

If you use the SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL method, you’ll make AutoCAD® prepare for 3D orbitting each time you use it, which can be very time consuming on larger drawings. So for very small drawings, its fine to use SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL, but for everything else use 3DO. ... More

how to open camera roll on computer

20/12/2018 · In this Article: Using AirDrop for iOS Using AirDrop for macOS Using iTunes for macOS or Windows Community Q&A References. This wikiHow teaches you how to copy photos from another device to your iPhone's Camera Roll. ... More

how to make a card for your mother

Make her a card. Sure, you can buy a card and make it special, but there's something about one you make yourself. With all the free clipart available online, you can make it ... More

how to make your own recipe book online

Make your own recipe book using our templates, or start from blank. Create your personal recipe book and share your homemade recipes with your family & friends. Create your personal recipe book and share your homemade recipes with your family & friends. ... More

how to make a sturdy wood box

Not wanting to waste space in the drawers, I resawed the thin wood down the middle to make even thinner sides for my boxes, just under 3mm (1/8") thick. Material this thin needs very fine box joints. This is where my screw advance box joint jig is ideal. ... More

how to play funorb games

* - The Burthorpe Games Room is an area in RuneScape in the city of Burthorpe which is in the member's area of the game. It has a rating system for multiplayer games, similar to FunOrb's. ... More

how to make thumbnails fro pictures

That is cool, I didn't know you can hide the file names like that but I am confused by the compact part to be honest. I want to make all the thumbnails much larger, at the moment this is the max size for icons. ... More

how to open gbk file

The .GBK or Delphi Runimage Iblocal Examples Format file extension. If you are looking for software that will allow you to open a file with the .GBK extension, or if you want to find a way to convert the .GBK file, you will find here a solution to your problems. ... More

how to open metatrader real account

Download MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform for Mac and Windows with If you open 2 live accounts with XM Broker and, you will receive their $30 No Deposit Bonus each. Thats $60 of real money that you can use to practice for real with no risk. ... More

how to make mushroom sauce for burgers

"This is a great way to spice up an ordinary hamburger. Not only can this be done on the grill, but pan fried if desired. Too good not to try!!" ... More

how to say yes in german audio

Learn basic German phrases by hearing them now, for free. ... More

how to run a macro in excel 2016

About this tutorial: Video duration: 13:47 This video is a tutorial of Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications ... More

how to play dwarf fortress 2018

Games like Dwarf Fortress are coming very popular games and provided the best entertainment also management simulation games. Here, some other multiplayer Games like Dwarf Fortress that is more games to play different themes and Gameplay. ... More

how to make google chrome use less cpu

31/03/2013 · not use some google features that not that usefull that will cut some RAM usage . ... More

how to make birthday yard signs

Shop Funny 40th Birthday Yard Signs from CafePress. Our Yard Signs are printed on both sides & made for sturdy easy ground mounting. Browse our large selection and find the perfect one for your yard. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping . Shop Funny 40th Birthday Yard Signs from CafePress. Our Yard Signs are printed on both sides & made for sturdy easy ground mounting. ... More

how to make simple garden arch

A wooden arch can add a sophisticated touch to an outdoor, garden-style or indoor wedding. You can decorate arches in a variety of ways to fit with the mood and decor of the wedding. ... More

how to make a mig welder weld aluminum

Welding Aluminum "Give me five minutes, and I can teach a monkey to wire weld." Yes, it's true. Anybody can weld aluminum. (1) Wire welders or MIG (metal inert gas) welders have a spool of wire inside and a motor drive that pushes the wire through the umbilical to the gun, along with the power for the arc, and shielding gas ... More

how to put in tracks

A standard audio CD can hold about 80 minutes worth of music. This is great if you're making a copy of a specific album or are taking a short car ride, but can be very prohibitive under other circumstances. ... More

how to provide hygine care for patient incontinent of urine

These are immersed in the urine sample and read against a reference guide to provide an indicator of the presence (or amount) of a certain substance. Dipsticks are used in a preliminary patient assessment and can alert the practitioner to the presence of a wide variety of substances. ... More

how to make custom dvd case

Our friends over at White House Custom Color do some seriously impressive stuff when it comes to custom CD and DVD cases. Add your favorite photo as the cover image of the case and make it really standout and look special. Don’t want to separate the Animoto video from the rest of the pictures ... More

how to make a golf buggy carpwt wiper

Our VW carpet kits are available in original German Squareweave Carpet, Synthetic Loop Carpet or Cut-pile Carpet. We offer VW Headliners are made from original factory patterns and are available in vinyl, mohair, velour or tweed cloth. We offer VW Sedans Headliners, VW Ragtop Headliners, VW Sunroof Headliners, as well as Convertibles Headliners. ... More

how to build stuff with play doh

Powdered Al is the stuff that Buddy Epson (Jed Clampett) used when he was the first person chosen to play the "Tin Man" in the Wizzard of Oz. But he had very … ... More

how to make a histogram of residuals on excel

Create a Histogram + Probabilities To create a Histogram + Probabilities : Highlight a single worksheet column (or a range from a worksheet column) and select Plot: Statistics: Histogram + Probabilities or click the Histogram + Probabilities button on the 2D Graphs toolbar. ... More

how to open cetrainer file in windows

File CETRAINER is one of the files of the Various Files category. Its full name is DBVM . File format CETRAINER was created by N/A. If you arrived here, you are probably looking for programs that will help you support this particular file extension. ... More

how to play hack run

Run 2 with cheats: All features unlocked.. A game about running, jumping, ignoring certain laws of physics, and trying on roller skates. A game about running, jumping, ignoring certain laws of physics, and trying on roller skates. ... More

how to make yourself go color blind permanently

Colblindor at is all about color vision deficiency. This site exists since 2006 and we are happy to help you out on any questions concerning cvd. You can find color blindness This site exists since 2006 and we are happy to help you out on any questions concerning cvd. ... More

how to make unreal engine assets

Unreal Engine 4 comes with lots of examples which can be used commercially if you are using Unreal Engine 4. I will show you the most simplest way to migrate / copy assets from different projects. I will show you the most simplest way to migrate / copy assets from different projects. ... More

how to make a hydrogen bomb in powder toy

Ingredients: Sodium Coco Sulphate, BTMS 50, Cetyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Powder, Polyquat 39, Spearmint Essential oil, Water soluble dye, mica. Please note: L . Skip to content. Submit. Close search. H O M E S H O P expand. collapse. S H O P Latest Stuff Bath Bombs Kids Toy Bath Bombs Bubble Bath Gift Boxes and Surprise Boxes Shower Mousse and Whipped Scrubs Little … ... More

how to put a backup on a new iphone

So you got your new iPhone and paid a tremendous amount of money. Thats OK since it is indeed an amazing device. However, you dont know how to put your old backup on new iPhone (iPhone X or iPhone 8 included), especially when the new iPhone is running the latest iOS 12? ... More

how to make a lion little alchemy

Lion is Wild Animal and Cat Little Alchemy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ... More

how to make homemade tea light holders

This genius idea from One Perfect Day uses clean baby food jars to create one of a kind tea light holders perfect for the holiday season! This craft is for the older kids but little ones can still help out! [] ... More

how to make latin dance skirt

This is where my Latin Skirt project started, and here is a tutorial of how I made my latin skirt. The choice of fabric for this is also slightly bizarre for me. As I mentioned in my The choice of fabric for this is also slightly bizarre for me. ... More

how to prepare for performance appraisal interview

Getting your performance appraisal interview right has never been easier, click here to find out how Note: For employees who are under performance management you should discuss the situation with your Human resource adviser before your appraisal interview. ... More

how to make pencil drawing in photoshop

Photoshop : How to Convert Photo image into Pencil Drawing Convert photo image into pencil drawing by photoshop How to draw, shade a realistic eye with teardrop Step by Step Drawing … ... More

how to make a pontoon boat float higher

Some crossover pontoon models can be tricked out with trolling motors, live wells, fish finders, and specially designed frames that let you hold in eddies and move across currents, exactly what youd get in a typical drift boat. Here are five of the best float tubes and pontoons on the market today. ... More

how to prepare and cook whole salmon

Chef Ramsay offers the following advice for breaking down a whole salmon: How to Make the Salmon. Score the skin of the salmon. Season both sides with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Heat a large nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Add the olive oil and gently place the salmon into the pan, skin-side down. Cook for 6-7 minutes, turning occasionally. Remove the fish to rest on a plate ... More

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how to pass run level 44

At each level, you will have to run faster to keep pace with the beep. In order to pass this test, you must remain in time with the beeps until four have sounded past level five. This is known as level 5.4.

how to start a food blog and make money

4.Blogging can be an easy way to make money online. What's more, most people have dozens of their favorite recipes they love to share with friends, family, even complete strangers. Let's face it; everyone enjoys food

how to make your own computer case

PC gamers are a selective bunch - and that's a good thing. When you know exactly what you want from your machine and can't find the resources readily available to make that happen, a custom PC case may be the answer.

how to read mswmm files on mac

To ensure MSWMM files can be opened and read by your computer, download and run the MSWMM File Repair Tool. Simply click the button below to download the software. Simply click the button below to download the software.

how to make natural foundation makeup

With the exposure and accessibility of makeup tutorials, beauty fever is hitting younger and younger. But when said tutorials use what feels like 167 products to create just a natural looking makeup look, working out where to start when youre a beginner can feel impossible.

how to play hot love t rex

In 1971 the #37 song in the charts was Hot Love by T Rex. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic Pop song now.

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